The mountain and ski guide

Who is the Mountain Guide
The Mountain Guide is the only professional guide recognised on an international level and legally allowed to teach and guide people in the mountains.
In order to receive the Mountain Guide Certificate UIAGM/IFMGA (International Federation of the Mountain Guide Associations) one has to pass various theoretical and practical exams during a three years course, which, due to its thouroughness, also guarantees a high level of technical and professional preparation.
The Mountain guide teaches the techniques of mountain sports: climbing, ski-mountaineering and off-piste skiing, ice-climbing and mountaineering.

The guide’s job is basically to help you have fun, get to the summit and down again, and to help you avoid the many hazards of the wild mountain environment. Usually these priorities don’t interfere with each other. In fact, with the guide watching out for many problems, you can relax a bit more and concentrate on the fun part.