Grading system and symbols of the “ski itineraries”

A summary table highlights the most important aspects of each itinerary, while a short description summarizes the itinerary’s most important characteristics.

★    Indicates the main direction of the ascending and descending slopes during the itinerary

+    Total vertical height gain of ascent

-     Total vertical height gain of descent

∧     This indicates the gradient of the downhill slope referring to the steeper sections and their length. Eventual short sections are indicated as “sect”.

Ski:    Indicates the skiing difficulty downhill. See table difficulty descent

Alp:    Indicates the ascent’s difficulty in alpine terms and possible mountaineering passages throughout the descent. See table of alpine difficulty

Exp:    Shows the risk of falling (out of control) while descending, and the consequences that obstacles, cliffs etc present on the slope can cause.
See table of exposure



More info in the guidebook “Freeride in Dolomiti