Val Mesdì north side couloirs, Sella

★ N/NW
+ 400 m
- 1550 m
∧ sect. 45°/50°
Ski: 4.2/5.1
Alp: PD
Exp: E2

The right side of the Mesdì valley offers different steep skiing couloirs which are interesting descents, very often in good conditions.
The approach is from the Piz Boè summit: reach the starting point of the “Canale del Ghiacciaio” and traverse high (north direction) to the big saddle before the “Sasso delle Nove” and “cime del Vallon”. Continue on easy terrain, in north direction, to the starting points of the couloirs.

1. The first is the steepest and hardest, with a first section very narrow (5.1)
Gear: rope

2-4. Number 2 and 4 are the most skiable, because they are wide and not too steep. The drop in is normally easier than the others (4.1 – 4.2)

3. The third is a variation of the second, but the drop in is complicated (cornices) and steeper (4.3)
Gear: rope