Bech de Mesdì Couloir, Sella

★ S
+ 300 m
- 1300 m
∧ sect. 45°
Ski: 3.3
Alp: F+
Exp: E2

This nice and sunny couloir is the second you can see on the left side, when you ski down the classic Mesdì valley. Only the first part is steep, but then the couloir is wide and perfect for skiing.
From rifugio Boè climb to the summit of Antersas 2907 m (same way of Setus valley itinerary) and ski down along the opposite side, till you reach a flat area (summer path signposts). From here head up north till you reach the top of the plateau (2950m roughly) in correspondence with the saddle which allows you to ski down towards Val de Tita and the Rissa del Daint couloir. Start to ski along the right side and traverse at the bottom of the rocks, till the saddle on the right of the Bec de Mesdì summit.
After the first steep section you can ski down on wide slopes till the Mesdì valley.

Starting from the top of the plateau.
R: towards the Rissa del Daint couloir

The couloir and the summit of Bec de Mesdì