Sass dai Ciamorces, north couloir, Sella

★ S+N
+ 550 m
- 1250 m
∧ sect. 45/50°
Ski: 4.2
Alp: PD
Exp: E2

A couloir that you can ski traversing from the south side (or just climbing it from the bottom) and link with the classic descents of Culea and Setus Valley or the difficult couloirs on the west side of the Torre del Murfreid..
From rifugio Boè climb to the summit of Antersas 2907 m (same way of Setus valley itinerarie) and ski down a steep slope on the opposite side till you reach a flat area (summer path signposts). From here proceed diagonally uphill to the left, crossing various section of hollows, aiming directly for Sella del Pisciadù 2908 m where a steep section, often made more difficult on account of a large cornice, lets you into the large Pisciadù Valley. On the left side you have to find the right climbing couloir, hidden in a first time, and starts just before the big one which arrives at the Sass da Lec saddle.

Gear: ice-axe and crampons

Info: the lower part of the couloir requires a lot of snow; check the conditions (binoculars) before if you are going to traverse.

A: Sass dai Ciamorces, north couloir
B: Le Mesules, north couloir