Sport climbing in the Dolomites
Sport climbing is a fascinating sport which permits you to ascent a vertical wall in total safety, learning to move legs and arms in balance respecting your natural climbing instinct and improving the technique and the ropework.
The Dolomites offer various choice of walls on a solid dolomite situated around the Alta Badia valley which are bolt protected as rock training grounds and wich offer routes normally 20-to 30 meters high. These are nice places to approach this sport or to train even at the beginning or at the end of the season, easy to get to (normally few minutes from the road); you will find there every level of difficulty from easy routes to mid-grade, to challenging ones in order to try climbing for the first time or to improve your current skill.
During a sport climbing day a group of max 4 people will be guided to climb short and nice routes for a new and exciting experience. You will spend a day in a quite environment putting to the test your ability and your self-control.
The beautiful nature wich they are immersed in and the natural emotion that you will feal, make sport climbing more than worthwhile.

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Multipiches route
The Dolomites are a little paradise for rockclimbing and on these walls,
with a long climbing history, there are some of the most famous routes in the world.
In the Dolomites ther’s a vaste choice of climbing routes for all leves, first of all traditional, but there are some sportclimbing routes as well.
Linked to the Guide’s rope you can discover the best itineraries and live your “challenge”…
Max 2 people per guide

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