Mountaineering in the Dolomites
Marmolada Glacier: Punta Penia 3343m – the highest peak of the Dolomites
The queen of the Dolomites with her highest peak Punta Penìa (3343 m) is always one of the most significant attractions and absolutely the climb most desired in the area.
The maximum elevation of the Marmolada normally offers two interesting climbing routes: the normal route, which is a real mountaineering ascent across the main glacier with a short via ferrata, a snow ridge and a lot of crevasses….
The second route, at the west side of the majestic south wall, is one of the most famous and ancient via ferrata: the West ridge VF.
We pourpose a perfect combination of the two: the ascent through the via ferrata and the descent across the glacier: climbing the via ferrata and descending the normal route you can try an amazing experience in a spectacular, wild environment. On the rock and across the glacier in order to chain two of the most exciting and challenging itineraries which offer the best view over the Dolomites.

The Marmolada west ridge is not very difficult compared to other via ferrata, but, because of her lenght, the altitude and because of the following descent across the glacier, it requires a solid experience of high mountain and an high level of fitness.
The Normal route demands climbing skill and alpinistic experience to traverse crevasses and to down-climb the rock wall between the summit and the glacier.

When the weather is not stable or to make easyer the climb to the highest peak of the Dolomites we climb up and down the normal route.

vertical drop: 850 m west ridge – 750 m normal route
climbing time (from the top of the lift): 3-4 h west ridge – 2,30-3 h normal route
descent: 1,30-2 h along the normal route
Max 4 people per guide

Mountaineering in the Alps
Glaciers, big walls, snow and ice… the fascination of high mountain.
We guide on classic and modern ascents on rock, ice and mixed in the Alps and the normal routes to the great mountains of the Alps
(Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, Cervino, Gran Paradiso, Bernina, Ortles, Grossglockner…).
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Season: June/July and September
The max numer of people per guide depends on the itinerarie (from 1 to 4)